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Roll Baler And Packing Machine

Roll Baler And Packing Machine

EMS 900 S Integrated Roll Baler and Packing Machine is pulled by a tractor and powered directly by power take-off shaft of the tractor. It is a machine produce with today’s technology and used to collect materials such as green forage, barley, vetch, clover etc. from the surface of land and bale such in a cylindrical shape and stretch them in the field EMS 900 S Integrated Roll Baler and Packing Machine has the capacity to bale crops harvested through conditional harvesting promptly and the crops used as coarse fodder which are harvested through disc harvesting method within 4-6 hours. The crops received in machine tank are wrapped with a net after compression room is filled. The crops wrapped with a net is carried into stretching unit through hydraulic systems and then left in the field. Crops stretched as green may be used as silage. Through fermentation of the stretched crops in an environment without oxygen and with the help of acids, nutritional value may be increased up to 300%. Some forage crops not consumed by animals or not suitable for excessive use can be given to the animals as silage. In addition, it enables the materials to be used as silage move from the field in a short time. Silage is stored in appropriate storage conditions for 2-3 years and reduces consumption of concentrate feed during winter months. It also reduces time spent to construct a silo in half as well as labor costs. EMS 900 S Integrated Roll Baler and Packing Machine offer 2 functions in one single machine and acts as a combined machine.

Technical Specifications Technical Criteria
Model EMS 900S
Operating Width (cm) 100
Bale Size(cm) 90X85
Hay Bale Weight (kg) 200
Shredder Unit(twine) None
Pickup Insıde Width(cm) 100
Width (cm) 245
Length (cm) 480
Height (cm) 205
Wheel Sizes 11,5/80-15,3
Weight (kg) 1900
Required Power (Hp) 45
Power Take-off Speed(1/min) 540
Control and Command System PLC Hydraulic Control
Hydraulic Pressure Welding Tractor Oil Pump
Command Control System Electronic Manuel Control
Hydraulic System Max. Pressure(Bar) 180
Netting Width (cm) 100
Stretcher Film Size (cm) 2x50
Stretcher Film Control Automatic
Operating Speed(km/h) 4,8
Lighting Available
Productivity  (Bale/Hour) 25-35

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