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Our firm has started its activities dealing with recycling industrial waste and bolt construction in the year 1960 in Sandıklı , Afyonkarahisar .It has shown a rapid development in a short time and in this period It has got a wide range of products in the agricultural machinery sector by performing in-house production.

Besides being the first firm manufacturing a vehicle working with live axle water engine known as ''SondajDerinKuyu' ' or ''Pat Pat '' it has succeeded as a firm with its innovative works from past till present. Again, for the first time in 1994, it has been the first firm to manufacture stone picker machine and made import via Panko Uion. Again we have been manufacturing straw bale machine since 1979 and pneumatics straw ventilator since 1985. With developing technology and market demands it started to manufacture '' Bale Machine'' in 2001.Within time with the development in the product it has gained a high performance and low cost production.

The Objective of our company is to contribute the country’s economy by continuing its production which was started in a small workshop in 1960, with larger-scale production capacity than existing factory.

Elibollar Agricultural Tools and Machinery Industry has adopted the principles of development of Turkish agriculture and farmers, aimed to provide employment ,innovation in the area,been a pioneer and model company , always contributed to the national economy as a reliable and reputable company by going with values learned from elders and using their knowledge and experience in manufacturing , serving with high-quality technological and innovative approach to today's agriculture and farmers in this sector since the foundation of the company.
As Elibol Agricultural Tools and Machinery Industry has aimed to catch high quality materials, craftsmanship and perfection with respect to structure in the sector , , follow the developing technology closely , respond their customers in the best way and as soon as possible, be a company that creates value in the industry by caring bussiness ethics and employers.