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Elibol Baler collects crops raked by the combine harvester all around the field and transfers crops to shredder unit (twine) and after they are bound with twine unit, the crops are turned into a bale. The bales left in the field can easily be carried and stacked thanks to their light structure and fastened twine. Types of our balers differ in terms of their functions. The products are classified as the Baler (EMS 003) with 3 twine/shredder unit, GOLD (EMS 004) baler with 3 twine/shredder units, Baler (EMS 03) with 2 twine without shredder units, GOLD (EMS 04) with 2 twine without shredder units. When shredder units of standard type balers with 3 twine/shredder units and wide stand baler of GOLD type are removed, the machine can also bale crops such as clover, vetch and sainfoin. The stalks of grains such as wheat, barley, oat and rye and forage crops such as vetch, sainfoin and clover left in the field after harvest are bailed as hay and straw. The power required to operate the machine is taken from power take-off shaft of the tractor. It runs swiftly in silence. In addition, thanks to hydraulic system in the pickup section, collector unit can be easily adjusted upwards and downwards. By this way, user on the tractor can easily direct the pickup depending on the surface of the field and reduces the residue of forage to the minimum. Appropriate selection of shafting units on the machine has reduced tractor power requirement.
EMS 003 Baler is made of with a different main body; and chassis and bale compression unit are made of thicker and durable material. Volant is designed in a way to reduce tractor power requirement to the minimum, the bearing and fuse breaker in the core removed wearing and split-up risks. All products made by our company have test reports, manufacturing license and industrial registry certificates. Our products are sold via Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, Pankobirlik and Ziraat Bank. We aim to reduce breakdown period through prompt response and quick solutions to increase satisfaction of the owners of agricultural machinery.

Technical Specifications Technical Criteria
Model EMS 003
Operating Width (cm) 155
Bale Size(cm) 36-46
Bale Length(cm) 30-135
Hay Bale Weight (kg) 25-35
Straw Bale Weight (kg) 18-25
Shredder  Unit(twine) Available
Piston Stroke(cm) 66
Piston Speed(stroke/min) 90
Pickup İnside Width(cm) 155
Machinery Length in Operation Mode(cm) 640
Machine Length in Tracking Position (cm) 500
Width (cm) 258
Height (cm) 180
Left Wheel Size 7.50x16
Right Wheel Size 6.50x16
Weight (kg) 2450
Required Power (Hp) 60-70
Coupling System 3 twine
Productivity  (Bale/Day) 1000-1200