3 String Twine Baler

Elibol 3 String Twine Baler

Elibol 3 String Twine Baler takes the product residue left by the combine harvester from the field surface and passes it through the shredder unit (harvester) and ties it with the twine tying unit and turns the bale into straw.

Bales left on the field surface can be easily transported and stacked thanks to their lightweight structure and robust rope connection.

Products; It is classified as 3-stranded baler, 3-stranded GOLD baler, 2-stranded vermin-free baler and 2-stranded vermin-free GOLD baler.Standard type 3-stranded baler and wide table GOLD-type balers can be used when the shredder unit is dismantled, such as clover, shallot and sainfoin. products are also baling.


It turns the stems left in the field after the harvest of grains such as wheat, barley, oats, rye and forage plants such as oak, sainfoin and clover into bales as hay and straw. It works quietly and fast. In addition, thanks to the hydraulic system on the turntable, the collector unit can be easily adjusted by moving it up and down. Thus, the user can easily move the pick-up on the tractor according to the field surface and the product residue on the field surface is minimized. With the proper selection of motion transfer units on the machines, tractor power requirement is minimized.

EMS 003 Baler Machine is made of different main body, chassis and bale compression chamber, thicker and stronger material. The flywheel is designed to minimize the power requirement of the tractor, and the risks of wear and separation in case of cutting the bearing and fuse in the hub are eliminated. All products manufactured by our company; It has test report, industry registration certificate and manufacturing certificate. Our products are sold through the Agricultural Credit Cooperative, Pankobirlik and Ziraat Bank. With our service aiming to minimize the downtime of the machines thanks to fast intervention and rapid solution production during the warranty process, the maximum satisfaction and profit of the owners of Agricultural Machinery is aimed.


Technicial Specifications

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