Corn Harvesting Header

Elibol Corn Harvesting Header

Elibol Corn Harvesting Header; It is a specially designed machine developed for harvesting corn, working in coupled with a combine harvester. Grain losses that may occur on the maize harvesting table during the grain maize harvest are minimized.

It is designed to be attached to any brand and model combine harvester with easy modification in the connection kit.

The handle choppers, which can be switched on and off with the help of an adjustment lever, successfully perform the handle cutting process by using low power with 2 tungsten carbide coated blades placed on a large diameter steel disc.


With the help of the remote control, the operator can adjust the aperture of the harvesting plates without getting out of the cabin. The feed chains, which guarantee working under the harshest conditions, fulfill their duties smoothly without the need for adjustment with the automatic tensioning system.

With the optional side augers, the product collection performance of the table increases. Designed in this way, the Elibol Corn Harvester aims to remove your harvest from the field in the easiest way.


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