Liquid Fertilizer Distribution Tank

Elibol Liquid Fertilizer Distribution Tank

Elibol Liquid Fertilizer Distribution Tank, the liquid or solid ratio obtained as a result of separating the solid and liquid state of animal manure rich in organic matter with the help of a separator, max. It has been developed to distribute the 15% fertilizer on the land surface.

Thanks to the specially selected pump and mechanical machine structure, it is ensured that the liquid manure is homogeneously distributed over the field surface.

Liquid fertilizer pulled with vacuum can be withdrawn from the fertilizer pool in a short time and safely. Safety and hydraulic system operated gate valves adjust the density of the vacuum and discharge line, thus ensuring that the fertilizer is filled into the tank at the desired rate and sprayed onto the land surface. A wider distribution area is obtained thanks to the upper shooter system optionally coupled to the machine. Our company, which aims to minimize the downtime of the machines thanks to fast intervention and rapid solution production during the warranty process, prioritizes the maximum satisfaction and profit of the owners of Elibol brand agricultural machinery.




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