Stone Collecting Machine

Elibol Stone Collecting Machine

Elibol Stone Collecting Machine; It enables the collection and storage of stones at a certain depth on the surface of the land or under the ground.

The rotor, designed to collect the stones, consists of heat treated blades and specially designed springs.

Thanks to these components, stones of all sizes and types can be collected without damaging the machine. The storage unit provides its movement with the help of a hydraulic cylinder. Thanks to specially developed steel collectors, the stones poured into the sieve are cleared of soil. Stones are transported to the warehouse, and the soil is left back to the field. Thanks to its superior design, the machine can be used economically in all soil conditions. All the materials used in the production of the machine have been carefully selected and manufactured without sacrificing quality. It can be used in fields, construction sites, gardens, sites, fields and wherever you want stones to be cleaned.



Technicial Specifications

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