Stone Crusher

Elibol Stone Crusher

Elibol CRUSHER 1500 Stone Crusher provides the movement of the tractor with the PTO shaft. The Stone Crushing Machine, which is connected to the tractor hydraulic hanger arms, crushes the stones on the field surface and 12-20 cm under the soil with the help of specially structured imported diamond blades.

Crushing takes place between 32 diamond blades and 25 mm thick HARDOX jaws. The interior of the machine is equipped with specially structured hardox 12 mm sheets that are resistant to abrasion.

Machine; It is used in stony fields, orchards, greenhouses, coastal edges and all lands with stone density that can be suitable for agriculture. With the breaking of stones on the surface of the land, the soil becomes suitable for agriculture and private use, and stones and so on. Mineral substances contained in the products are released. Thus, the yield from agricultural lands increases and the use of chemical fertilizers decreases.


The stone crushing and spreading machine allows you to get maximum efficiency by bringing the stones up to 20 cm on the surface into the soil. The stone crushing machine, which offers high efficiency and workability in stony lands, has been designed and developed to get the most efficiency. It can also be used in road construction operations.

• It helps to break the 15-20 cm diameter stones on the surface.
• Depth of processing is between 12-20 cm depending on the structure of the soil.
• It helps to process an area of 800-1200 m2 per hour with a minimum working speed of 0.2- 0.9 km.
• It makes it easy to make the stony areas suitable for agriculture.
• By breaking the stones, it mixes the minerals and elements in the stone into the soil homogeneously.
• It can be used in road construction and maintenance.


Technicial Specifications

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